Jamie Vardy has unveiled the dietary ‘secret’ behind his lethal performances

Some days, it makes you wonder doesn’t it? How does Jamie Vardy run at full speed for the entire 90 minutes of the football match? He doesn’t seem to slow down, and that frightening pace scares the living ‘hell’ out of defenders. But how does it do it?

Most people claim it’s just a physical trait of Vardy that came with him, but the Leicester striker doesn’t entire agree. In fact, he’d probably admit it’s a physical trait, but the ex-Fleetwood Town striker claims to have a ‘special dietary plan’ that helps him terrorize defenders on every match day!

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The English international consumes three cans of Red Bull on every match day, besides a double-espresso as well as an omelette. Yes, you heard it right – THREE cans of red bull in one day.

“With a traditional 3pm Saturday kick-off, I’ll have a can of Red Bull as soon as I wake up, which is gone in 30 seconds,” Vardy said, in an exclusive column published by The Sun.

“I don’t have breakfast and won’t eat anything until I have a cheese-and-ham omelette with baked beans at 11.30am. I wash that down with another Red Bull, which I also neck quickly.

“While we’re waiting and killing a bit of time, I have a double espresso, normally with centre-half Marcin Wasilewski. We get into the dressing room an hour and a half before kick-off, and I’ll have a third can of Red Bull straight away.

Photo Credit: Sky Sports
Photo Credit: Sky Sports

“But with this one I sip it all the way until we go out for the warm-up, leaving a bit to finish off when I come back in. So three Red Bulls, a double espresso and a cheese-and-ham omelette is what makes me run around like a nutjob on a match day,” he added.

Three cans of Red Bull – surely that’s enough to get your heart pumping fast for 90 minutes, which probably explains his frightening pace on the pitch. But as weird as this sounds, Vardy’s habits are relatively mild when you take Radja Nainggolan’s pre-match smoking rituals into consideration. Yes, he smokes! We’ll save that for another time!

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