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VIDEO: “We work in the dark to serve the light” – Assassin’s Creed’s trailer is out!

And daannggggg! Ubisoft, together with Regency and 20th Century Fox has officially released their first full-length movie trailer on the game developer’s critically acclaimed game franchise – Assassin’s Creed.

It was reported that a movie would be filmed inspired by the epic narrated by Ubisoft since August 2015 and yesterday, the official full-length trailer has been released.

The movie will star Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch/Aguilar. It’s rather surprising that Fassbender is playing a role that is specifically created for the movie instead of playing the actual protagonist of the game such as Ezio and Altair. Marion Cotillard will be playing the role of Sophia Rikkin.

Photo Credit: gamerant.com
Photo Credit: gamerant.com

The cinematic visuals of the trailer evidently manages to portray the same value as it would within the game and that is good news. However, the soundtrack of the trailer has been highly criticised. We guess the hate on Kanye is fired up eh?

Anyway, Kudos to the crew and let’s just hope that it would not be a let-down like the Prince of Persia movie. Well, ever since Disney came into pictures, we all know what was waiting for us.

As stated on their official Facebook page, the movie is set to be released on the 21st of December 2016.

The trailer of the movie can be watched below:


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