Malaysian team clinches Top 16 finish in prestigious Call of Duty tournament

Malaysian team, MYCG Rampage Gaming was able to get themselves as one of the best 16 teams in the Sydney Open 1, a tournament part of the Call of Duty World League held in Sydney, Australia last weekend.

How Did They Do It? 

Rampage Gaming qualified for the Sydney Open 1 after finishing as runners-up in the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Asia Championships in Seoul on January, losing in the finals to Singapore’s UnVeil NoVa.

Because of their performance, they directly qualify into the Pools of the Sydney Open 1 where they finished 3rd in Pool C. In which as a result, knocked them down to the Losers Bracket Round 2 where they were eliminated by AES ANZ, 1-3 and finished in the top 16 teams.

Who is MYCG Rampage Gaming?

Rampage Gaming, managed by Megat Danish Izmee, consists of four members: Abdul Hakim Tajudin (RanGer), Muhamad Syawal Saini (Bloo), Muhamad Azim Azhar (Greys) and Muhammad Amirul Hakim (Skywhite).

Rampage Gaming seen a number of roster changes last year with all four of the members leaving after the team was acquired by SnK eSports in early 2016, but they rejoined two months later.

However, Skywhite left the team again around July with Khaleef Irfan (Imperium) taking his place and joned the team on August. Imperium then left on December 2016 with Skywhite rejoining once again.

Comments Surrounding Rampage Gaming’s Achievement 

Megat sees Rampage Gaming’s top 16 finish as a huge achievement considering the amount of competition that was in the tournament.

“This success has got MYCG Rampage Gaming to become second best in Asia right behind UnVeil NoVa from Singapore,” said Megat in a statement.

The Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer of Activision Asia Pacific, Mark Aubrey was impressed with Rampage Gaming’s achievement.

“This first participation of this Malaysian team in the Call of Duty league at an international level showed that Malaysian players have boosted their position and capable to compete among the best professional players in the world of eSports,” said Aubrey.

However, Rampage Gaming’s Abdul Hakim feels they need help and support from government agencies such as the Youth & Sports Ministry in order to raise the name of Malaysia.

“The eSports scene such as Call of Duty is now a trend and favorite to the young generation and is now capable to increase income to those who immersed themselves in eSports now,” Hakim said to Sinar Harian.

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