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Red Bull replace Daniil Kvyat with 18-year old Max Verstappen

After a disastrous showing at the Russian Grand Prix (GP), where he crashed into Sebastian Vettel twice within two corners, the Red Bull Racing team has decided to drop Daniil Kvyat, and promote Max Verstappen from Toro Rosso.

The decision will take charge immediately and the drivers involved will maintain their new positions until the end of the season.

Christian Horner, Red Bull team’s principal has come out to state that the Dutch driver is “an outstanding young talent”.

Photo Credit: BBC Sport
Photo Credit: BBC Sport

Horner was also quick to say that Daniil will not be forgotten by the team, instead, he will be pushed down to the junior team under Toro Rosso.

“Dany will be be able to continue his development at Toro Rosso, in a team that he is familiar with, giving him the chance to regain his form and show his potential,” as quoted from BBC Sport.

2009 Formula One champion, Jenson Button disagreed with move, claiming that Red Bull rushed into the decision, without taking Kvyat’s performances in previous races into account.

What are your thoughts? Did Red Bull make the right decision?

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