VIDEO: The untold story behind Leicester City’s outstanding season

Years down the road, every football fan will point back to 2016 as the year when faith in modern football was revived to a certain extent.

In a footballing environment where money buys success, Leicester City’s success story this season has sent shockwaves all around the globe, clearly illustrating why money – as influential as it may be – doesn’t have complete and full authority over success stories in football.

For a team that spent 90% of last season battling relegation, Leicester City’s rise to the top has been absolutely unprecedented. It’s almost like a fairytale. But a fairytale that every Leicester fan out there deserves to be a part of, after everything they’ve gone thorugh over the years.

Copa90 produced an excellent mini-documentary that reflects on Leicester’s incredible season, besides providing a glimpse of the untold story behind the Foxes’ rise in stature.

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