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Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber set past rivalry aside with hilarious banter

Once upon a time, they were worse rivals than Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

We are talking about former team mates Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. The two, whom were team mates in Red Bull for five years since 2009, constantly displayed their hatred for another since the beginning and were much fiercer than any rivalry in the current millennium.

If you thought Rosberg and Hamilton were bad enough, you’ve not seen Webber and Vettel. Webber has been long notorious for his blunt personality and was not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the sport, the Australian even stated once that Vettel’s performance was ‘not bad for a second place’ and from the time they were partnered, Webber openly despised the German. Vettel, the quirky person he is, welcomed the rivalry and was not afraid to express himself either.

However, since their separation in 2015, Vettel proceeded with his new team and team mate Kimi Raikkonen while Webber stopped racing and focused on other aspects of the sport.

Just yesterday, the Australian Grand Prix officially ended and Rosberg was crowned the ultimate winner, ahead of Hamilton and Vettel. And who would be a better candidate to conduct the interviews than an Australian native- Webber himself.

Many thought Webber would be his old self and behaved sarcastically towards Vettel but surprisingly, the two got along fairly well as Webber referred to him as his ‘old mate’ and Vettel even sprayed champagne on him.

“Seb said I haven’t been up here in a while… And he’s right,” said Webber during the post-match interviews.

When Vettel showered him with the champagne, Webber erupted into laughter and said, “No no no mate. You know, I get drunk very fast these days so I’ll stay away from you guys.”

Vettel replied “I know, I know you do.”

To ease off the confusion, Webber explained saying “You know, we’ve had some times…” Before Vettel interrupted saying “And then you start singing Summer of ’69! Shame I don’t have you as a teammate anymore!”

What an entertaining and surprising sight. Were you apart of the Vettel-Webber era?


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