Best Twitter reactions after United beat City 1-0 in Manchester derby

Monday Blues or Monday Reds?

It took just one man to bring the glory back to Manchester United.

The Manchester derby took place in Eithad Stadium yesterday and while many fans of United expected the team to stay in their shabby and ramshackle performance following their defeat to Liverpool on home ground the other day, the Red Devils stunningly bounced back to show their fans just how they still could shine with glory.

Manuel Pellegrini’s men were shot down to 0-1 when United’s Marcus Rashford scored the opening goal at just the 15th minute. The teen, whom made his stellar debut during the United vs Arsenal match, continued his brilliant run and restored the team’s confidence with the early opener.

City were unable to tackle their hometown mates throughout the whole match as their formation and game play were absolutely disappointing. Goalkeeper Joe Hart sustained an injury during a clash with Anthony Martial and was forced to be carried off with a stretcher less than five minutes into the second half.

The second half was exasperating for City as United maintained their lead. Even with the extra six minutes, both teams were unable to change the score and Louis Van Gaal’s men righteously won the derby.

Fans were absolutely elated over the win (and also the fact that Marouane Fellaini did not make it to the starting line-up) and had #GGMU trending at the top since the match ended.


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