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Australian rugby player Hadyn Peacock suffers horrific penis injury

AS Carcassonne player Hadyn Peacock has revealed how he suffered a horrific injury during a French Federation of Rugby Elite League 1 match a few weeks ago.

The 23 year-old Australian described how his penis was lacerated after an opposition player grabbed it and pulled it hard while making a tackle to bring him down. Surprisingly, he continued playing and only realized the extent of the injury during half-time.

“At half-time I was like, I’ve got to have a look, I checked on it and the skin was half ripped off and I was like, s***, where’s the doctor? Where’s the doctor? He (the opposition player) made a tackle by reaching out and grabbing my d***, he got a hold of my d*** with one hand and pulled me down,” Hadyn Peacock said to Guy Williams as quoted by Mail Online.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

The Sydney-born player underwent surgery and required 11 stitches on his penis, before declining his coach’s order to wear a cup during the next AS Carcassonne game.

He posted a picture of the incident on Instagram with a caption saying: “Not the best reason to be on the front page of the paper this morning. #rugbyleague is definitely not a sport I recommend. 11 stitches later for the little fella but she’ll be right.”

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