UFC 196: Nate Diaz pulls off stunning upset by beating Conor McGregor

The unbelievable just happened!

Nate Diaz has pulled of one of the most shocking upsets in the history of UFC as he took Conor McGregor out with an explosive submission, destroying the Irishman’s unbeaten record within UFC.

Diaz visibly came into the fight as the underdog, despite being physically superior. McGregor was the major favourite to clinch an easy win in this one, but within seconds into the fight, it was evident that Diaz was more than up for the challenge.

Photo Credit: WashingtonPost.com
Photo Credit: WashingtonPost.com

At the end of Round One, both men were still in it and the scoreline was presumably close – it was all too obvious. But ninety seconds into the second round, Diaz was already bleeding. At this point, McGregor was visibly in the driving seat but Diaz bounced back by using his size to put pressure on McGregor, before launching jabs after jabs on the Irishman.

Then it happened. A rear-naked choke from Diaz and McGregor was done. The crown was left completely stunned, considering they had just witnessed the biggest shock in UFC since Ronda Rousey lost in November 2015.

Immediately after the fight, McGregor said: “I took the chance going to 170lb when Nate came in.

Photo Credit: Independent
Photo Credit: Independent

“I felt I took him in the first round. I was inefficient with my energy but I’m humble in victory or defeat. I respect Nate, he came in, he took the fight on short notice. He came in at 170 and done the job.

“He was efficient and I was not efficient and that was it I feel. I hit too much arms. These things happen, I learn, I grow. I took a chance and came up weight and it didn’t work out. It is what it is, I’ll face it like a man, like a champion and I’ll come back again,” he added.

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