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MAF applaud decision to cancel Malaysia International Marathon

Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) President Datuk Karim Ibrahim has applauded the decision made by OCM with regards to cancelling the Malaysian International Marathon.

After weeks of controversy, the OCM eventually made the decision of calling off the event, and Datuk Karim isn’t entirely surprised, claiming that the OCM leadership is capable enough of making crucial decisions at crucial times.

“Tungku Imran is not someone new in the world of sports and that is why he understood the situation very well,” Datuk Karim told Harian Metro.

Meanwhile, the MAF president added that while OCM have cancelled the MIM, it does not mean that MAF would stop them from organizing any other running-related competitions.

“MAF have never stopped anyone from organizing runs. This is because we want the citizens of our country to live a healthy lifestyle by joining running competitions.

“However, if running events are to be carried out, they would have to follow specific procedures set by the MAF.”


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