OCM to retain original MIM name despite risks

The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), who planned to alter the Malaysian International Marathon (MIM) 2015’s name to avoid conflicts, have changed their mind about the matter.

They have decided to go ahead and utilize the original name for the marathon, despite not having proper consent from the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF); an action that seems to have sparked flames.

According to the MAF President, Datuk Karim Ibrahim, the association will take regulated action on the matter as they have the rights to do so.

He claims that they will be bringing this issue up to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) if they OCM remain stubborn and go ahead with the original name for the marathon.

“There’s be a meeting amongst the members of MAF soon and we’ll be discussing the issue. If everyone agrees, we’ll proceed to take regulated action on the matter,” Datuk Karim told Harian Metro

“We won’t let this go as it’s our right and we don’t want the OCM to bully us. They are really doing this on purpose to cause trouble.”

The MIM 2015 run, which is expected to have total of 30,000 participants will be held on the 23rd and 24th of May this year.

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