Gary Steven Robbat gets 3 months suspension and hefty fine

Gary Steven Robbat has been suspended for three months by FAM due to the fiasco involving him and several teams with regards to contractual agreements.

The 22 year-old midfielder opted to leave Harimau Muda at the end of last year, and according to Kedah, he was required to report with his them, claiming that FAM laws required all Harimau Muda players to report with their birth state upon release.

However, Gary was approached by Pahang, and he opted to sign for them alongside fellow Harimau Muda player D. Saarvindran.

But the talented midfielder caught the eye of Johor DT during the Suzuki Cup, and received a bumper offer to sign for them. Despite signing a deal with Pahang, Gary proceeded to agree terms with the Southern Tigers, sparking a massive controversy.

With Johor DT, Pahang and Kedah all claiming ownership over him for the upcoming season, the FAM Player Status Committee convened for a discussion on deriving solutions for the matter earlier today.

And after extensively going through all the documents and contracts involved in the matter, they decided suspend him for 3 months and hand him a hefty RM50,000 fine. Johor DT have also been fined RM100,000 with Pahang receiving an official warning for their involvement in the issue.

Kedah’s appeal was dismissed with FAM stating that Gary started his career with the developmental squad of Harimau Muda C, meaning that he had no obligation to report with them. Gary was also dismissed from all his contractual obligations, making him a free agent.

But due to his suspension, Gary will only be able to sign for a team during the April transfer window, where he is expected to sign for Johor DT again.

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