Baddrol Bakhtiar gives his wife the best birthday gift ever

Kedah went up against Melaka United on Tuesday (4th of July) in the first round of Malaysia Cup fixtures.

Kedah scored two goals to clinch three crucial points and a win at the Darul Aman stadium.

The first goal of the night was scored by Sandro Mendonca to put Kedah ahead, while Baddrol Bakhtiar scored an incredible second goal to seal the win.

Yesterday, the Kedah midfielder took to Instagram to dedicate the goal to his wife, Nur Izyan, wishing her “Happy Birthday”.

He also mimicked Gareth Bale’s ‘eleven of hearts’ celebration after scoring the goal.

The scored he goal for Kedah was her birthday present, and it doesn’t get any sweeter than this!

Photo: Baddrol Bakhtiar Instagram

Watch Baddrol Bakhtiar’s goal here:

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