LeBron James’ absence is not an excuse – Kevin Love

Kevin Love claims that the absence of NBA star LeBron James must not be used as an excuse for their losses.

The Cavaliers, who are without their LeBron James due to a knee and back injury, will have to survive and cope in the league for almost two weeks.

They went on to announce that he will be undergoing treatments that will include anti-inflammatory medicine, rehabilitation, training room treatments and rest. The NBA star will approximately be on the sidelines for two weeks.

However, Kevin Love believes that the Cavaliers have enough in them to survive in his absence and they shouldn’t be using his injury as an excuse for their bad performances.

“Obviously we lose a lot with LeBron out but no, I don’t think we can use him as an excuse,” Love said.

Meanwhile, Cavaliers’ point guard Kyrie Irving will be missing out on their next tie against Philadelphia 76ers due to a back injury.

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