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#MambaOut: Watch Kobe Bryant’s 10 greatest NBA plays

What a man, what a legend.

Kobe Bryant bid farewell to NBA earlier today, putting on an outstanding show in his final NBA game. He dropped an incredible 60 points, inspiring the Lakers to a 101-96 win over Utah Jazz!

He took to center court after the game and said: “I can’t believe how fast 20 years went by, man, this is crazy,” Bryant said while addressing the crowd post game. “This is absolutely crazy … and to be standing at center court with you guys, my teammates behind me, appreciating the journey that we’ve been on — we’ve been through our ups, been through our downs. I think the most important part is we all stayed together throughout.”

“What’s funny — the thing that had me cracking up all night long — the fact that I go through 20 years of everybody screaming to pass the ball, and then the last night they’re like, ‘Don’t pass it!,” Bryant enthused.

“All I can do here is thank you guys,” he told the crowd. “Thank you guys for all the years of support. Thank you guys for all the motivation. Thank you for all the inspiration. What can I say? Mamba out,” Bryant said in closing.

With 5 NBA Championships, 18 time NBA All Star, 11 NBA All First Team, 9 NBA Defensive Team, 4 All Star MVP, 1 MVP under his belt, Kobe Bryant will always be remembered by all basketball fans, as one of the greatest to have ever graced the game.

As a tribute to Kobe, we’ve attached a video of his greatest plays in NBA! Full video credit goes to Sportscentre.


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