VIDEO: Tyson Fury labels Eric Cantona as his hero

Lately, British boxer Tyson Fury has been the talk of the town after his marvellous triumph over former world champion Wladimir Klitschko to clinch the ultimate heavyweight title.

Fury, whose home ground is in Manchester, showed that much like most of the Englishmen, he too is a great big passionate fan of football. He is a massive supporter of his home town boys Manchester United and even claims that the team has always been outstanding to him.

In a short interview with Stretty News TV journalist Jonathan Shrager in 2014, Fury exclaimed that United will always be a top team in the Premier League and the UK.

The 27 year-old boxer had always been a fan of United’s former forward Eric Cantona and even admits that their controversial and outspoken characters are somewhat similar.

Watch the full interview here: