VIDEO: “Don’t cry” – Ronda to Bethe after 34 seconds KO

34 seconds is very short for any professional fight, but that’s what happens when you piss off Ronda Rousey.

Yes, you read it right. Ronda Rousey took down her opponent in just 34 seconds!

Just take a look at the video below:


Bethe Correia learned the hard way at UFC 190 when she tried intimidating Rousey in the pre-fight stare down while saying, ‘’Don’t cry.”

On Saturday night, Rousey ended the fight with Correia in less than 40 seconds. And as she walked away victorious, Rousey used the exact same words to Correia, “Don’t cry.”

Well, what goes around certainly comes around.

As she spoke to Fox Sports, Rousey mentioned about returning the favor during the post-fight press conference.

“I said the exact same thing she was saying to me at the weigh-ins when she was screaming in my face at weigh-ins. She was saying ‘Don’t cry’.”

“So I turned around to her after I knocked her out and I said ‘Don’t cry’.”

“I consider the matter settled. I’m not going to have to think about her ever again after this day and I’m sure she’ll have to think about me plenty. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over and done with.”

Rousey’s fans were quick to tweet about her fight soon afterwards.

What’s scary is this was Rousey’s longest fight as her previous two fights lasted merely 20 seconds.

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