VIDEO: Radamel Falcao attempts horrible dive against Peru in Copa America

According to football dictionary, diving is an attempt by a player go gain an unfair advantage by falling to the ground (diving) and possibly feigning an injury, to make it seem as though a foul has been committed.

In simpler words, acting.

One would definitely still remember the dive Arjen Robben made when Netherlands played against Mexico in the World Cup last year. The Dutch winger had earned a game-winning penalty for the Netherlands in their 2-1 victory over Mexico after being ‘mortally wounded’ in the box in the second minute of injury time.

It takes great acting skills to dive and convince the referee that the player is indeed hurt. One player however, truly needs much more time to hone his diving skills because it is undeniably horrible.

Colombian international Radamel Falcao had served up a rather awful drive when his nation was playing against Peru in the Copa America yesterday evening.

The Chelsea bound striker fell down in an unglamorous fashion when the Peruvian player nudged him slightly in an attempt to steal the ball.

Watch it for yourself:

What was that, Falcao?

Photo credits: Bleacher Report

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