NBA Playoff Finals: Cavs set up tie against Warriors in Game 2

Cleveland Cavaliers proved themselves a dangerous opponent when they secured a tie against Golden State Warriors yesterday during Game 2 of the NBA finals.

The Warriors have been consistent in their victory streak since the regular season but all that died down when the Cavs challenged them to a tie. Playing at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, the Cavs defeated the Warriors on their home ground 95-93.

The game was taken to overtime. Cleveland’s LeBron James took on the spotlight as he served up a memorable triple-double throughout the whole game whereas Matthew Dellavedova took on the free throws in the overtime.

James contributed a stunning total of 39 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists, all within 50 minutes. MVP Stephen Curry delivered a rather disappointing shooting performance compared to Game 1. The Golden State point guard only delivered 19 points but did do great during the free throws where he put the Warriors in the lead 93-92 just 29.5 seconds before the overtime ended.

Nonetheless, the Cavs retained possession and eventually clinched the final win in the last ten seconds. Despite the absence of point guard Kyrie Irving, the team was as strong as ever.

“I tried to give it all to my teammates. And they do a great job of giving it back to me. Total team effort,” said James after the game.

“To be back in the same position we were in three days ago and to come back and even the series is big time.”

“When we defend like we did tonight, we’re going to give ourselves a chance to beat any team in this world.”

Speaking of their defeat, Curry was not at all inferior, “I’m not going to let one game alter my confidence or our belief that we’re going to win this series.”

Team mate Klay Thompson has agreed with Curry, “We’ve been in this situation before and we’re not going to let it deflate us.”

Game 3 will take place on Tuesday in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.

Photo credits: CDN

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