Sean Yee aiming to break national high jump record

National high jump prodigy, Yap Sean Yee is determined on setting a new record at the Perak Open Athletics Champions in Ipoh, this Sunday.

Sean Yee, who holds a national record of 1.79 meter in the sport, is also working hard to surpass the targets set by the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) in the upcoming SEA Games.

Even though she was a centimeter short of surpassing the qualifying limits, the 20-year old is confident of thriving again whilst renewing her record.

“I was a little shocked because I managed to get pass 1.79m in the last try,” said Sean Yee as quoted from Kosmo.

“I will try my best to qualify in the SEA Games and make ample preparations. If I get to go to Singapore, my target is to set a new record, but before that I would like to try my luck in the event this Sunday.”

“I was only a centimeter short. Normally my results in the training sessions were not that good compared to the competitions because the atmosphere is different. Maybe I could break another national record in Ipoh.”

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