Riot threats end Serbia-Albania Euro qualifier

The Euro 2016 group qualifier between Serbia and Albania at Belgrade’s Partizan Stadium was abandoned earlier today after violent scenes erupted following the appearance of a drone carrying a controversial Albanian flag, according to a report by Reuters.

The flag, depicting the fictitious ‘Greater Albania’ – an area currently under dispute by both countries – was quickly grabbed by a Serbian player prompting physical reactions from some Albanian players.

A full scale pitch invasion ensued, causing riot police to be dispatched in order to protect the visiting side from flares home fans were throwing from the terraces.

Speaking to the press, Serbian captain Branislav Ivanovic admitted his shock following the incident.

“What happened is something we can’t comprehend at the moment” Ivanovic told reporters after the abandoning was confirmed.

“On behalf of my team, all I can say is that we wanted to carry on and that we shielded the Albanian players every step of the way to the tunnel” he added.

Despite Ivanovic’s thoughts, Albanian captain Lorik Cana disagreed with the way his team had been handled by the Serbian home fans and even stadium staff.

“I saw my players being attacked and hit even inside the tunnel, and even by the stewards. We were not in the right psychological or physical state to continue playing” Cana admitted.

In attendance was Olsi Rama, the brother of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, who according to reports was arrested in the VIP section on suspicion of being responsible for the flag stunt.

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