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Newcastle miss out on European football after United FA Cup win

Due to their FA Cup victory, Manchester United will participate in the Europa League the following year, but Newcastle will not be able to qualify for Europe.

Erik ten Hag’s team, who finished eighth in the FA Cup, will play in Europe next season because United, who won the trophy on Saturday at Wembley, has been awarded a Europa League spot.

As a result, seventh-place Newcastle will not participate in Europe at all, while Chelsea, who took sixth in the Premier League, will now play in the Conference League.

In the Champions League, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Aston Villa will compete.

However, there are still spots available in the Conference League and Europa League, with Tottenham, Manchester United, Newcastle, and Chelsea among the contenders.

Who has qualified for Europe?

Champions League: Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Aston Villa

Europa League: Tottenham, Man Utd

How does the new Champions League format work?

The Champions League will undergo the largest shift from the current group stage to a single league phase involving all competing teams, increasing the total number of teams from 32 to 36.

Instead of the traditional six home-and-away matches against three clubs, each club will now be assured a minimum of eight league-stage games against eight different opponents (four at home and four away).

The teams that place ninth through twenty-fourth in the league will play a two-leg play-off to guarantee their spot in the competition’s final sixteen, while the top eight teams in the league will automatically advance to the knockout stage.

In all tournaments, teams ranking 25–36 are eliminated.

Are the Europa Conference League and Europa League also evolving?


The 36-team Europa League and Europa Conference League formats will undergo similar modifications.

During the league stage, teams in the Europa League will play eight games against eight different opponents.

Teams in the Europa Conference League, now known as the UEFA Conference League, will play six games in the league phase against six distinct opponents. The September to December period will see the UEFA Conference League games.

As it does today, the competitions’ knockout phase will occur during the second half of the season and conclude at the end of the campaign.

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