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Saudi clubs won’t pursue an offer for Salah unless the Liverpool attacker requests a move.

This summer, Saudi Arabian clubs will only pursue Mohamed Salah if he expresses a desire to go there.

The Liverpool forward was willing to accept a contract worth over £100 million from Al Ittihad last summer, but he had no desire to relocate to Saudi Arabia.

As the professional game enters its next phase of development, Saudi Pro League (SPL) clubs will prioritise recruiting younger players this summer.

Salah’s desire to join the SPL and the purchase club’s financial ability to make the transaction work would determine the terms of any possible offer.

SPL teams anticipate a quieter summer after spending nearly £800 million on purchases last summer.

Leading Saudi football figures advise clubs to adopt a more thoughtful and long-term strategy in the market rather than squandering large sums of money on gaudy purchases.

By June 2025, Salah will be 32 years old, and he will be out by summer. Salah hasn’t shown any signs of wanting to leave Liverpool before his deal ends.

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