Sarawak’s head coach David Usop has announced his decision to “rest”

In a recent Facebook posting on the official Sarawak FA Facebook page, the football association confirmed that head coach David Usop has decided to take a break from coaching.

“The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) respects the head coach, David Usop’s decision to take a break from coaching Sarawak.” the statement read.

“FAS would like to thank the coach for all his contributions to the club, and we appreciate everything he has done for the team, especially in making sure that the team remains in the Super League.”

The Sarawak FA also announced that David Usop’s assistant, Pengiran Bala, will be stepping up as caretaker coach for time being. Pengiran Bala will be in charge of the team for the remaining of the Super League and Malaysia Cup fixtures, unless announced otherwise.

David Usop made sure to clarify to the press that this was a voluntary decision on his part, and that he was in no way pressured to make this announcement.

Photo: Sarawak FA

Aside from conveying their best wishes to the team and the new coach, FAS also thanked all the Sarawak fans for sticking by the team through thick and thin.

Sarawak, although dangerously perched on the verge of the relegation zone, are still 2 points ahead of Melaka who are creeping close behind.

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