#RIPWeigang: Tribute to the one & only Atok Weigang

Truly heartbreaking.

Karl-Heinz Weigang has reportedly passed away in Germany today after suffering a heart attack, as confirmed by Perak FA deputy president Shahrul Zaman Yahya.

Weigang, who is well-known for his wit, sarcasm, straight-forward, no-nonsense approach, is a revered figure amongst local football fans and players.

News of his passing immediately triggered an air of melancholy on social media, the majority shocked to learn of his sudden demise.

A man who slept, dreamed, and breathed football, Weigang will forever remain in our memories as a relentless and tenacious coach who poured his heart and soul into coaching every team he was assigned to.

This tribute video by Rise of the Panthers reminds us why Weigang is such a well-loved figure among players and fans in Malaysia.

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