We’re comfortable with Vingada’s approach, says Safee Sali

Exactly one week to go for our first international fixture under new national head coach, Nelo Vingada.

Harimau Malaya, currently 155th on the FIFA ranking, will be facing 135th placed Lebanon for the 2019 Asian Cup qualifiers fixture. The match will take place on the 13th of June, at the Larkin Stadium in Johor.

Almost all of the players have reported to the training camp, prepping themselves for big game next week.

Despite numerous photos posted by local footballers on their social media pages, we still can’t help but to wonder how are things like at the training facility and more importantly, how are our players adapting to Nelo Vingada’s methods?

According to national forward, Safee Sali, the players, including himself, are very comfortable with coach Nelo Vingada and his amicable approach.

“We’ve been training under Vingada only for a few days now, and I already feel close to him.” HMetro quoted Safee Sali as saying.

“It’s clear that the coach is very experienced, and he has a very friendly approach with the players.” he added.

Safee further explained that coach Vingada makes sure to communicate well with everyone in the team, and he constantly gets feedback from all the players to understand them better and to facilitate the training routine.

The PKNS forward also said that he feels positive about Vingada steering the team.

Photo: FAM
“Coach Vingada has got a vast training experience, and he’s trained many big teams, and I think his track record and past experience will definitely help us take it to the next level.” Safee added.
During Nelo Vingada’s introduction, the Portuguese coach explained that his coaching philosophy is to build the team around the players.
“I’m not the kind of coach who says who have to play this way, or you have to do it like that. I build my team according to the team’s level and capacity of players.”

“What’s important is that we adopt a strong mentality and operate on a winning philosophy.  I like fast players who have no fear on the pitch.” Vingada said.

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