KAFA: We have settled over RM 50,000 to former import players

Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) have spoken up regarding comments surrounding their scandalous import purchases.

KAFA was not allowed to register a second import player after signing Abou Bakr Al Mel two weeks ago from Lebanon, because of a restriction imposed by the Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP).

The restriction was put in place in light of KAFA’s unceasing financial scandals, and for failing to pay their former players’ and coach’s pending wages.

However, KAFA is not happy about the restriction and have hit back at FMLLP, saying the latter have been inconsistent with their rules and regulations.

Tan Sri Annuar Musa accused FMLLP of being unfair, asking why they allowed the registration of one import player but not the other.

“Is it because Johor Darul Ta’zim wanted Ghaddar? So they allowed Bako to come in? If there is a restriction, then both Bako and L’Imam Seydi should be disallowed. Why block the second one?”

A frustrated KAFA secretary general, Datuk Ismail Md Noor met with the press and told them that KAFA is tired of all the baseless accusations. They will send in their accounts statement to FMLLP so they can evaluate for themselves.

“KAFA have always followed FMLLP’s instructions – even regarding our new imports.” Datuk Ismail told BHarian.

“We have paid up all our Super League players’ salary which costed over RM 640,000.”

“The signing of Abou Bakr Al Mel and his agent fees was about RM 300,000. Apart from that, we have also settled RM 50,000 to former import players Obinna Nwaneri and Morgaro Gomis.”

“We’re revealing all these information so everyone can understand how we’re dealing with things. I will also send our official accounts statement to FMLLP, and one copy to the Football Association of Malaysia.” Datuk Ismail explained.

“We don’t want to be given unfair treatment.” the secretary-general said.

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