Exclusive: FELDA move brings me closer to vegemite – Curran Ferns

Curran Lawrence Singh Ferns’ love for football started very in his life. He started out his early football career in Melbourne, where he played with Monash City, and never looked back since.

He would then go on to play for a wide range of clubs in efforts to augment his footballing skills and career; Curran enjoyed stints at Melbourne Victory, Melbourne City, and then the Hobart Tilford Zebras FC, and Brisbane City.

In 2015, he decided to head to Malaysia to get in touch with his Malaysian roots and try his luck with Malaysian clubs. After actively participating in local club trials, Ferns secured a spot with Premier League side, JDT II.

Photo: NG Twitter

Shortly after that, Ferns moved to Negeri Sembilan, where he established himself as a versatile player under head coach Mohd Asri Ninggal.

One fateful day, Curran received a call he could not resist: a chance for play for Super League club, FELDA United. The half Australian-half Malaysian jumped at the opportunity, describing it as an irresistible offer.

“The opportunity came up to play at a higher level, for a Super League team, and there’s no way I could have turned it down. FELDA is a great club with big ambitions, and it’s definitely something I want to be part of.” Ferns told

Ferns will be leaving Negeri Sembilan this transfer window to join FELDA in Jengka. His teammates at Negeri Sembilan, even though surprised and reluctant to let him go, wished him the best of luck.

“Everyone was very good to me, and I still keep in touch with them. My captain, Nasriq, was incredibly supportive and gave me a lot of advice on how to cope with my new club.”

Photo: Curran Ferns

The biggest questions on our minds at the moment is how Curran Ferns will fit into coach B.Sathianathan’s plans. FELDA, currently at 6th place on the Super League table, have enjoyed a comfortable run during the first half of the Super League season. They have won two out their last five games, in which they also beat Melaka 3-0.

With the arrival of Curran Ferns, FELDA will definitely have more options to experiment in the midfield, if that is where Ferns will be positioned.

“Coach Sathianathan knows my strengths and weaknesses so he will assess what is required for every game. My ideal position is central midfield, but I am happy to play wherever the team needs me. I can play a in few positions, both midfield and as centre back.”

Photo: Curran Ferns

Ferns also noted that playing with FELDA will take him one step closer towards the next level of his footballing career: playing for Malaysia’s national football team. That has always been one of his dreams, to be a part of the Harimau Malaya.

All said and done, Curran Ferns is eager to be in action with his new team!

“I know a few lads from FELDA, I’ve played with Stuart Wark in JDT II, and yes, this is exciting.” said Ferns, who added that playing for FELDA means he also gets to be close to another thing he holds close to his heart: vegemite.

“I love my vegemite, and I’ve been bringing a lot over from Australia, but then I saw that they were selling it in Jaya Grocer! So it’s a big bonus signing with FELDA because it means I’ll be closer to KL and can stock up on vegemite.” the midfielder said with a huge smile on his face.

Good luck with your new venture, Curran!

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