PHOTOS: Here’s how Bayern Munich celebrated their 5th consecutive Bundesliga win

Every time the Bundesliga comes to an end, we can pretty much guess who the winners are. For the last five years, the winners of the German league have been consistently the same team: Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich destroyed Freiburg 4-1 on the final day of the Bundesliga to clinch their 5th consecutive Bundesliga title.

They have also finished the season without a single home defeat this time. The last time this happened was in 2008.

Apart from the memorable win, the celebration also doubled as a farewell party for captain Philipp Lahm. Lahm, alongside Xabi Alonso and Tom Starke, played their final match before retirement.

The boys from Bayern Munich celebrated in the most German way possible: with beer.

Captain Philipp Lahm, manager Carlo Ancelotti, even reporters could not get away from it!

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer joined in the fun as well, albeit in his crutches.

All photos sourced from Getty images

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