Ghaddar to JDT, Nik Shahrul and Qayyum also in transfer talks

“I hope the fans understand my decision”

What sounded like an unsubstantiated rumour has become reality – Kelantan FA’s star player Mohamed Ghaddar is indeed making his way down south, to Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT).

In fact the match against PKNS FC could very well be the Ghaddar’s last game with Kelantan, given that the transfer window opens today.

Ghaddar has issued somewhat apology to Kelantan fans, saying that he has to do this for his family who are relying on him as the breadwinner. It was a tough decision to make on his part, and he hopes the fans understand his situation.

“I hope the fans understand – I don’t mean to hurt them. But I have a family to feed, and they’re depending on me.” Ghaddar told BHarian.

You can leave, but do it the right way – TSAM 

Tan Sri Annuar Musa, even though reluctant, is willing to let him go. In a Facebook statement yesterday, he also praised Ghaddar for doing it the right way – with honestly and transparency.

“Ghaddar has explained his situation to me. It’s very simple, when a player wants to leave, BE PROFESSIONAL, tell KAFA and be honest about it, honour your contract.” the Facebook statement read.

“For clubs that are interested in our players, please negotiate with us officially. Do not go behind our back. That way, we can maintain the professionalism of our league. I believe this isn’t a very difficult procedure to follow.”

Prior to this, Tan Sri Annuar Musa has complained that one of the reasons for KAFA’s downfall is when clubs “steal” their players instead of doing it the right way.

Two more could leave KAFA this transfer window 

Apart from Mohammed Ghaddar, two other Kelantan players may also be making their way out of the club — Nik Shahrul and Mohammad Qayyum are also in talks for a transfer. Nik Shahrul could be making his way to Melaka United, while Mohammad Qayyum has been linked to FELDA United.

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