Malaysia’s new head coach to be announced tomorrow

If you’ve been on social media lately — which you probably have — the most popular and burning question among Malaysian football fans at the moment is simple.

“Who is the new national football head coach??”

With an international fixture looming close on the 8th of June (even though we’re not sure if that is actually happening), our national players are still without a head coach and probably don’t quite know how or where to start preparing for their next international fixture.

Hopefully, all the confusion will come to an end tomorrow, when the head coach will finally be announced.

According to Kosmo, Football Association of Malaysia (FAM)’s secretary general Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin has given assurance that the new national football head coach will be announced by, the latest, this Saturday.

Datuk Hamidin also confirmed that the head coach is indeed from Portugal, but he is not Paulo Bento. As soon as all contractual matters and documentation has been settled, the name of the new head coach will be unveiled.

“All I can say is that the new head coach and FAM are on the same page, it’s a done deal. We’ll announce his name soon.” Kosmo quoted him as saying.

Harimau Malaya are scheduled to fly to Pyongyang on the 8th of June to face North Korea for their 2019 Asian Cup qualifiers match.

However, FAM’s president has voiced his dissatisfaction about Malaysian footballers going over to North Korea, following the incident of Kim Jong Nam being assassinated the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 13 February. The relationship between the two countries have been tense ever since.

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