VIDEO: Do you remember the scandalous “Battle of Old Trafford”?

It was a Sunday. 21st September 2003, to be precise.

In a Premier League fixture between Manchester United v Arsenal, there was a lot of inevitable tension, hatred, altercations. A total of four yellow cards and one red card was given out during that match.

Arsenal’s captain Patrick Vieira booked for a kick-out, Nistelrooy was booked for angry behaviour, Nistelrooy missed an injury-time penalty and was struck by Arsenal players, Ryan Giggs’ free kick hits the post; the drama goes on.

At the end of the match — which ended in a 0-0 draw — five Arsenal players and two Manchester United players were charged by the FA for misconduct.

Until today, this incident remains one of the most unforgettable match amongst Arsenal and Manchester United fans.

Watch it here:


[Video: Super Highlights]

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