Is Francis Forkey Doe’s career with Selangor over?

In the midst of making a good comeback for Selangor FA this season, Francis Forkey Doe’s reputation has been tarnished after a cloned-car scandal struck him.

Yesterday (9th of May), the 31-year-old Liberian forward was fined RM 6,000 by the magistrate court for using a cloned car and displaying false registration number on his vehicle.

He was charged under Section 108(3)(f) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

The Liberian striker pled guilty to the charge, and went on to apologise for his mistake, saying he is truly sorry for what happened.

Francis Forkey Doe was arrested by the authority after his BMW 325i displaying false number plates was spotted at the  Restaurant Alfa Maju, Jalan Puteri 1/6, Bandar Puteri Puchong on the 5th of May.

“I am sorry for my mistake. I am a professional football player who plays football to entertain people. Please be lenient in your judgement.” NST quoted Francis Forkey Doe as saying.

Although the scandal appears to be contained, Selangor seems undecided about Forkey Doe’s future with the club.

In fact, Selangor head coach P. Maniam dropped Francis Forkey Doe from the squad during their clash against Sarawak yesterday. P. Maniam also went on to say that Selangor can do just fine without the Liberian forward.

Photo: ESPN

Without Forkey Doe, Selangor still has options like young talents Adam Nor Azlin, Badrul Amin Rusalan, Mohd Afiq Azmi and Nurshamil Abd Ghani to start up front.

But according to Football Association of Selangor (FAS)’s secretary general, Rosman Ibrahim, they will have to wait until FAS’ president Datuk Subahan Kamal returns from a overseas trip to decide on Forkey Doe’s future with the club.

“We will definitely take some actions. We’re just waiting for Datuk Subahan to get back from his trip. When he’s back, we will all sit and discuss about this situation – and what to do about it.” he told Bharian.

What do you think? Is Forkey Doe’s career over?

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