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Azraai Khor vs KAFA becomes latest allegation to rock Kelantan football

Folks at Kelantan Football Association could be forgiven for romanticising the concept of war, given the waves of attacks they’ve faced over the last few months. But it all culminated in Football Malaysia LLP docking them off six points for unpaid wages, and you can read all about that in our previous story.

But just as Tan Sri Annuar Musa was looking to steal some moral highground via Facebook statements, he seems to have dragged Kelantan into another allegation regarding unpaid salary. This time around, it features their former boss, Azraai Khor Abdullah.

What’s the allegation?

After it was announced that Kelantan would be docked six points, Azraai Khor publicly praised the move, via a statement that was released by FMLLP.

“I completely agree with FMLLP’s decision as this will open everyone’s eyes. At least, the plight of coaches and players will be better taken care of,” he said. He went on to then reveal that the Red Warriors owe him a portion of payment from 2015, when he took charge of them for a short stint between March and July.

TSAM’s response?

The Kelantan FA supremo took to his Facebook account to clarify the situation and launch a scathing attack towards Azraai Khor for ‘misrepresenting’ the actual story.

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According to Annuar Musa, Azraai Khor had resigned by submitting a ‘short notice’, which only made him eligible for a small portion of compensation, as per his contract. He went on to claim that KAFA no longer owe Azraai anything and that all payments had been sorted out.

Azraai Khor’s counter-response?

This morning, Azraai released a statement via his Facebook account to shed light on the ongoing fiasco. He claims that he tendered his resignation on July 7th 2015, after failing to meet his own expectations for the team.


“After I resigned, I asked for my June 2015 salary, which they hadn’t paid at that point. Thing is, they’ve not made the payment until now. I’m not asking for compensation, I’m merely asking for my June 2015 salary,” he explained.

What’s next?

It remains to be seen whether the ongoing saga will be enough to instill change within managements of teams like Kelantan and T-Team. But this will undoubtedly encourage more individuals to come out and speak out against unjust treatment by football teams in the country.

Where do you stand on this matter?

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