Could Xhevahir Sukaj be making a return to Perak?

The new transfer rumour to hit the radar this week came from a Perak news twitter account.

The twitter page, @PerakTheYob, dropped hints, or rather, a prompt, that Perak’s former striker, Xhevahir Sukaj, could possibly make a return to Bos Gaurus squad.

Photo: Twitter

The Albanian played for Perak last year where he was employed in the position of a striker. One of his notable moment was during the Group C match of the Malaysia Cup, where he scored an important for Perak against PDRM FA in Ipoh, although The Cops eventually won 2-1.

However, the Albanian was very injury-prone during his stint in Perak, and things did not quite work out well with him.

He only made a total of four appearances, and netted two goals for the Bos Gaurus. His fitness deteriorated, along with Perak’s performance in the league.

Sukaj eventually left Perak to join FK Partizani, an Albanian football club based in Tirana, back in his home country.

Needless to say, the possibility of Sukaj returning is not being received too well by Perak fans. But as of now, there is still no confirmation on the news from the official Perak pages. It is also unlikely to happen as he is still tied to his club, FK Partizani.

Hypothetically speaking, Perak fans, what do you think? Would you like Xhevahir Sukaj to return to Perak?

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