Amri Yahyah choose to stay in Melaka after given an ultimatum

Since a few weeks back, social media was abuzz with rumours about Amri Yahyah returning to Selangor.

The shocking transfer was supposed to happened during the transfer window in the mid-season. What was even more shocking was that the decision seemed to have come from Melaka, who ready to let the veteran player go.

Amri Yahyah was Melaka’s most expensive player this season, and the most valuable buy, but Melaka were reportedly making plans to make do without the 36-year-old.

In fact, Amri Yahyah was also reportedly in talks with Selangor’s new president Datuk Subahan Kamal about how he can fit into Selangor should the transfer work out.

However, Melaka United’s manager Datuk Wira Mohd Yusoff Mahadi has renounced the decision to let Amri Yahyah go. According to him, the midfielder personally requested for Melaka United to let him stay on in the club, after he was given an ultimatum.

“He personally spoke to me about this. We gave him a choice, and he chose Melaka.” BHarian quoted Datuk Wira Mohd Yusoff Mahadi as saying.

Datuk Wira also said that he appreciates Amri’s commitment towards the club, and that Melaka has no problem with him staying on.

“He’s very committed to the club. Even during matches, I see him doing more than is expected of him. He runs back and forth to win the ball and make something happen.” Datuk Wira added.

Datuk Wira hopes that Amri Yahyah will continue to perform to the best he can in all the remaining matches. Melaka will now be focusing on the Super League and the Malaysia Cup, and he needs Amri to steer the team towards success.

With his vast experience playing in multiple clubs, as well as the national team, Datuk Wira believes he will also serve as a good role model and mentor for the younger players.

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