“Confidence, resilience, mental toughness” key to #winningmentality

Social media was abuzz with the #winningmentality hashtags and postings yesterday in support of the “Winning Mentality” workshop organized for athletes at the National Sports Complex in Bukit Jalil.

The workshop, meant for athletes in the elite Podium Program, was graced by the likes of our Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin, world keirin champion Azizulhasni Awang, and Dr. Ian Mitchell, a performance psychologist from Wales.

The “winning mentality” workshop was aimed at ingraining the idea that success starts in your mind, and athletes need to master their mind in order to perform at the highest level.

Sporting a gladiator-esque motto, “Strength & Honour”, the end goal of the workshop was to inspire high performance sports among Malaysian athletes.

Dr. Ian Mitchell explained that athletes usually face tough technical, physical demands, and psychological demands, and they need to be able to conquer all three to deliver the highest results.

He also stressed that confidence, resilience and mental toughness are the three secrets to peak performance.

Meanwhile, national keirin hero Azizulhasni Awang asserted that determination, right work ethics, and disclipine were the key to his success.

“I have always set a high goal when I go to a major competition. I want to win but it’s also important to have the determination, right work ethics and discipline.” The Star quoted him as saying.

“I can relate from my experience in the chase for the rainbow jersey. I did not give up despite having tried for many years.” explained Azizul, who recently realised his life-long dream of emerging world champion and bagging the rainbow jersey.

Also present at the workshop was national diver and Olympic medalist, Pandelela Rinong, who approved of the workshop and said she will use what she learned to achieve her goals.

“It’s really motivating, expecially knowing the people behind me also have the same aspirations to work together to achieve the mission.” Pandelela said.

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