Yes he did ask for more money – TMJ v Mario Gomez squabble continues

Here, let us break it down for you:

On Tuesday (4th of April), the new Football Association of Malaysia President Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim met with local sports editors and journalists to come clean about certain matters that is currently plaguing FAM.

While he was at it, he revealed that Mario Gomez may not be Malaysia’s national head coach after all. This came as huge shocker, considering that it was one of the first few things the Johor Crown Prince revealed upon being sworn in as president on the 25th of March.

“There is a possibility Mario Gomez may not be Malaysia coach. He wants more money than what he was getting at JDT but it may not be possible,” he was quoted as saying by FourFourTwo.

And then, Mario Gomez hit back at the new FAM president, calling him a liar.

“That is a lie. I didn’t ask for more money than what I earned at JDT.” Mario Gomez told MalayMail Online. Gomez said he only wanted a longer contract, two years with the national squad as opposed to just one.

Fast forward to today (6th of April):

FAM President has refuted the accusation by Mario Gomez, saying that he never did lie about his statement.

“I was informed that Mario Gomez denied he asked for a high salary.” the Crown Prince said in a statement released by FAM.

“We offered him USD25,000 but he asked for USD40,000. Isn’t he asking for more than what we have offered?”

However, it is not clear if Mario Gomez requested USD 40,000 for one year, or for a two-year contract. Whatever it is, TMJ will not have it anymore.

“No problem. We will look for another individual who really wants to be the Malaysia coach.” the FAM president said decisively.

Does that mean Mario Gomez is out of the equation? What does this mean for Tan Cheng Hoe?

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