FMLLP sick & tired, ready to start docking points

It’s never-ending saga — FMLLP (Football Malaysia LLP) imploring local football teams to abide by the rules and procedures, and the teams continuing to defy them.

After numerous letters and warnings, several local football clubs still appear nonchalant to FMLLP’s requests. FMLLP’s chief officer Kevin Ramalingam even had to resort to the “docking points” measure to urge the teams to take the matter seriously.

“We know some teams are facing financial constraints. To help them, we’re willing to accept scheduled payments to the players involved. We just want these teams to work on settling their debts.” Kevin Ramalingam told the media.

In fact, the deadline to submit several important documents have been changed three times to accommodate the tardiness of the clubs; from 31st December 2016, to January 27th 2017, and then most recently March 31st 2017.

Among the requirements needed by FMLLP are employer confirmation letter, the latest supporting documents and a letter stating that all salaries and outstanding payments as November 2016 have been paid, the latest EPF and SOCSO statements, the latest update on fine settlements of teams, officers and players, as well as other rules.

What makes things worse is that FMLLP has no authority to issue a penalty or punishment, they can only propose to the Football Association of Malaysia’s disciplinary committee to take strong action.

However, FMLLP can take strict action against these clubs, based on Item 16.3.d (page 33), Item 37.2 (page 50) and Item 43 (page 54) in the 2017 M-League Manual.

FMLLP has confirmed that there are still five teams; two from the Super League, three from the 100 Plus Premier League that have not fulfilled the criteria. FMLLP will be contacting these teams directly.

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