MyPW EVO: A complete breakdown of all matches (featuring ERA’s JoHaRa)

MyPW opens with a video package of what happened at Reckoning to warm up the crowd as ring announcer/commentator Johan Yusoff welcomes everyone to the show

Match 1: The Kid Vs. ‘Aerial Sniper’ Nyc

This match was expected to be a fast and high-flying match. From the start, both competitors delivered it exactly. The Kid and Nyc tried to outpace one another that ended up with momentum on Nyc’s side when he hits a corner dropkick and a seated Falcon Arrow for only a 2-count.

However, when Nyc tried to go for a Superplex, The Kid countered with the Cheeky Nando’s Kick and a Powerbomb from the corner. A pin attempt though garnered only two. The Kid continues his offense but Nyc won’t give up as he countered a Springboard RKO and hits a Steamroller and followed that up with a Moonsault for only two.

Nyc goes to the top-rope again for the 450 Splash, but The Kid kicks him on the shoulder while the ‘Aerial Sniper’ was still on the corner. Seeing the opportunity, The Kid goes on the apron and hits the Springboard RKO while Nyc is still on the top-rope to get the three.

Winner: The Kid

Match 2: Poppy Vs. Alexis Lee Vs. Phoenix

Poppy being the arrogant character that she is, left the ring for a moment to let Lee & Phoenix go at it for a few minutes. During a headlock by Lee, Poppy decided to came in and worked on Lee before kicking Phoenix out of the ring, which proved to be the common theme here in this match.

Lee & Poppy then exchange forearm shots before Phoenix starting a chop-fight between all three women. More attacks were exchanged between them that lead Poppy to be on top when she hits the Side-walk Slam on Phoenix and tossing her out again. Then she connects the Spinning Side Kick on Lee, but only got two.

Phoenix tried to take both of them out with a top-rope Cross Body, but she only got Lee as Poppy got out of the way. Once again, Phoenix was kicked out of the ring by Poppy. With Lee dazed, Poppy hits the Shining Wizard to win her first match since her return at Wrestlecon 2016.

Winner: Poppy

Match 3: WS/KWF Cruiserweight Championship

Ladykiller (C) Vs. Harry Ray w/Double K 

In a surprise twist, Harry Ray has decided to team up with Double K and the MyPW Extreme Champion took him in as a disciple. To prove how capable he is to his new master, he challenged Double K’s old rival, Ladykiller for his Cruiserweight title co-owned by Wrestle Square & Kingdom Wrestling Federation.

Ladykiller though got the early advantage that left Harry Ray frustrated and left the ring to catch his breath. Ladykiller chased him, only to be confronter by Double K and Harry took advantage by blindsiding him. Harry now had the advantage and hits the Facecrusher and Russian Leg Sweep but couldn’t put the champion away. Ladykiller however did fought back and hit the Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex but he missed his Inverted Senton Bomb as Harry moved out of the way.

Harry then connects a huge Superple to further incapacitate Ladykiller. This then bought Double K to give instructions but Harry ignored them and missed his top-rope Leg Drop. This proved costly as after a Rock Bottom and a few strong body blows, Ladykiller hits the Spear to retain the title.

Winner & STILL Champion: Ladykiller

This prompted Double K to enter the ring with a mike and told Harry that he disappointed him and proved that his ‘level of suck’ is out of the atmosphere. Harry tried to defend his performance and pleads for one more chance. Double K then warned Harry to ‘make sure to know what he’s doing’ and left the ringside area.

Match 4: Fatal 4-Way

Daryl Wong Vs. Serigala Vs. Furious Faizal Vs. Jaki-G 

Multi-man matches such as this can be messy and entertaining at the same time and this one did not disappoint. There were full of highlights such as Faizal tossing Daryl into the fans (Twice) & Serigala and Faizal going toe-to-toe in a battle of the heavyweights. Faizal hits a Spinning Wheel Kick and clotheslined Serigala before taking out Daryl with a Powerslam. However, he missed a Big Splash and was dropkicked out of the ring.

That left Daryl & Jaki to go at it that ended with a Superkick from Daryl that only got him a 2-count. Both of them though put their differences aside and hip-tossed an incoming Faizal before they were knocked down by a double top-rope Dropkick by Serigala. But Faizal recovered and hit a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, but Jaki broke the pin attempt, but he taken out for his troubles.

Daryl came back in with a top-rope Cross Body on Faizal only to recover and receive a Gorilla Press Slam from Serigala. Serigala then hits a Jackhammer that Goldberg would be proud of, but somehow Faizal kicked out at 2. Just as he was recovering, Jaki takes out Serigala and then got a Spinebuster from Faizal who then kicked Daryl out of the ring. With Serigala down, Faizal hits the Vader Bomb. Before he could cover, Jaki dropkicked him out of the ring and stole the pin on Serigala for the huge upset.

Winner: Jaki-G

A5th comes out and addressed the fans as he waits for his opponent. A video is then played on the big screen that showed Luna & Mad Scholar addressing the champion as the latter accepted the challenge.

Match 5: MyPW WrestleCon Championship Open Challenge
A5th (C) Vs. Mad Scholar w/Luna

From the start, Scholar tried some strikes, but he got a Back Elbow and a Corner Clotheline in return. After Scholar received a Side-walk Slam, he retreated quickly to the outside. But just as he came in, he nearly received the end of A5th’s Bicycle Kick and retreated again, causing a short chase. But Luna distracted the champ long enough for Scholar to take him out by attacking the leg.

Scholar continues the attack on the leg and in between those attacks, hits a DDT for only two. He got caught though by A5th when attempting a top-rope attack, but countered the Chokeslam into an Armbar and then goes for a Leg Lock. A5th though got out and slapped Scholar before hitting the Jackhammer for only 2.

Scholar tried for an Armbar again, but A5th showed his strength to hit a Spinebuster. When he was about to hit the Bicycle Kick, Luna came to the apron and hit A5th with a foreign object while the referee wasn’t looking. This caused Phoenix to confront Luna and chased her into the back.

With both men dazed, A5th tried again for the Chokeslam as Scholar desperately tried to get out. But it proved to be futile as the champion finally hits it for a successful first defense.

Winner & STILL Champion: A5th

Match 6: Dave Vindictus Vs. Farish The Killer Clown

This was a relatively short match. At the start, Vindictus used his signature taunt when he described himself as ‘smart’ and branded Farish as ‘stupid’. Just as Vindictus got the upper hand, Farish made a fool out of his opponent and stole his taunt by saying he’s ‘smart’ and Vindictus is ‘stupid’.

After that, Farish proceeded to take out Vindictus with a Front Flip Dive from the apron when the latter was outside the ring. After that, it was the beginning of the end. Vindictus kicked Farish in the gut just as he was going back into the ring. Vindctus has had enough and he mercilessly attacked Farish.

Farish tried to get back, but Vindictus shrugged it off everytime it happened with a strong slap to Farish’s face. In an act of defiance, Farish spat at Vindictus’ face before he was ruthlessly taken out with a Rolling Elbow and a Brainbuster that gave Vindictus the win in this almost one-sided match.

Winner: Dave Vindictus 

Match 7: MyPW World to Regional Championship
Greg Glorious (C) Vs. Shaukat

Before the bell rang, Commissioner Dante came out and added more tension in atmosphere surrounding this match. Glorious & Shaukat are arguable the two best wrestler in South-East Asia and they showcased their technical skills in the ring. But that was overshadowed by Dante’s presence at ringside.

During the match, Shaukat was able to get the upper hand & mounted offense to keep Glorious down. The champion however fought back with a strong knee attack while Shaukat was in the corner and a big Back Suplex for only 2.

Both men then exchanged German Suplexes as they tried to get each other off their feet. Just as Glorious thought he has the momentum, Shaukat was able to hit the NK Driver. He was denied the win though when Dante pulled the referee out of the ring.

Then, the ‘Malaysian Mafia’ Gotham came out and showed that he has joined forces with Dante. With Shaukat distracted with the developing drama outside the ring, Glorious took advantage and connects the Hammerlock DDT to retain the title.

Winner & STILL Champion: Greg Glorious

After the match, Dante confronted Glorious from the outside about not teaming with him when the champion was on the top-rope celebrating. This allowed Gotham to come onto the ring unnoticed and hit the Spear on Glorious. He then attacked Shaukat. Just as he was about to hit his finisher, Glorious recovered and attacked Gotham’s knee. In a strange turn of events, Shaukat & Glorious double-teamed Gotham and double clotheslined him out of the ring.

After Dante & Gotham left, Shaukat & Glorious shook hands and showed respect to one another before they left the ring.

Main Event: Tony Abel & Lipan Vs. ERA FM’s JoHaRa (Haniff & Ray) w/Johan

Before the match, actor Zizan Razak made a surprise appearance and addressed the crowd before the competitors entered the ring. After Abel & Lipan entered the ring, Abel promised that JoHaRa will not be able to walk and it will be ‘game over’ for them.

To everyone’s surprise and amazement, Haniff actually put a good fight to send Lipan reeling as Haniff took out Lipan with a Hurracarana and a DDT for only 2. Soon after, Abel & Ray were the legal men and Abel tried to take down Ray to no avail and he was taken out with a Clothesline. Haniff & Ray then both double-teamed Abel. Sensing danger, Lipan pulled Haniff out of the ring to soften him up for Abel and get momentum back to them.

They were able to isolate Haniff as they continue to attack the DJ for a few minutes. But Haniff sent the crowd wild when he hit a Diving Tornado DDT on Lipan and after pushing Abel out of the way, he was able to tag in a fresh Ray. Ray went berserk as he took out both men and hit a big Chokeslam on Lipan who is the same size as him and and in a tribute to Rikishi, Stink Faced Abel. Lipan was then taken out by Haniff with a Cross Body.

Abel then came back and took out Ray, but the referee’s count was interrupted by Zizan. With the referee distracted dealing with Zizan, Johan came in and hit a Rock Bottom on Abel. With Lipan out of the ring, Haniff & Ray hits a Double Chokeslam to win a huge and entertaining match

Winners: ERA FM’s JoHaRa

JoHaRa and Zizan closed the show as they thank the fans for their support and told them to keep continuing to get behind MyPW.

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