Azraai Khor: Penang has to fulfill two conditions if they want me

Azraai Khor’s irrepressible urge to coach again 

One of Malaysia’s most successful coach is eager to get back into coaching – and he’s looking to possibly revive a distraught Penang.

We’re talking about former national player and coach, Azraai Khor, who illustrious career involves winning the domestic treble with Kedah in 2007 and 2008.

He also won the Malaysia Cup with Negeri Sembilan in 2011, and went on to coach other clubs like Kelantan, T-Team, Perak, and Sabah.

He’s now looking at a desperate Penang that is devoid of coach and could use some help from an experienced, local coach.

Although the 64-year-old admitted that he hasn’t received any offers from the northern club, he has made it clear that he’s up for the job if they need him. He is also confident that he can turn things around in Penang and will be happy to take up the challenge.

But there are two conditions…

However, Azraai Khor has insisted that he will only consider coaching Penang if they would fulfil his two fundamental conditions.

“First of all, as coach, I want to be given 100% freedom to manage the team, from trainings, to tactics, and choosing the players, including import players.” Azraai told Harian Metro.

The former national midfielder, who also completed a two-week coaching stint in Brazil, asserted that he does not fare well when there’s interference in his work. He prefers to call the shots and face the consequences by on his own.

“Number two, I will need complete support and cooperation from the management to make sure I can do my job well.” the coach added.

“I need an impeccable management – committed and professional, and it will affect players’ performance. If player’s salary is delayed, it will definitely affect their focus on the pitch.”

Azraai Khor noted that these are not merely demands, but the foundation he has built his coaching career on. It has worked for every team he has coached in the past, and any club he has worked with in the past are aware of these conditions.

Football Association of Penang (FAP)’s president Zairil Khir Johari announced last Sunday that Penang FA has terminated their contract with head coach, Ashley Westwood.

What are you waiting for, FAP?

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