Fans react to Ashley Westwood leaving Penang FA

So earlier today, we were greeted with a piece of news that was not really much of a surprise: Penang’s coach Ashley Westwood has left the club.

According to Football Association of Penang (FAP)’s president Zairil Khir Johari, it was a mutual decision between FAP and the ex-Man United trainee. The two parties reached a consensus and Westwood handed in his resignation, consequently terminating his contract with the club.

Zairil Khir Johari also noted that Penang FA’s assistant coach, Darren Read, will be stepping in as acting coach for now.

Here’s how Penang fans reacted to the news of Ashley Westwood leaving Penang FA:

It’s safe to say that the majority of the fans are elated about the decision:

But of course, a large chunk of the fans also hinted at the elephant in the room, calling for the resignation of the FAP President himself:

But according to some, Westwood leaving the club will not change anything if they continue to employ the same players in the starting XI.

Some hinted that Penang FA should have jumped at Pahang’s head coach Dollah Salleh while they still had the chance!

While a large number of them are in favour of former Penang player and head coach Merzagua Abderrazzak… #wewantmerzagua

While the rest want former Malaysian football coach, Azrai Khor, to step in.

But, the real question here, Penang fans, is this:

So what do you guys think? Was Ashley Westwood leaving Penang FA the best decision for the club? Did he leave too soon? Will things take a turn for the better or worse?

Let us know!

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