#TheManiamReport: Selangor FA to undergo squad revamp in May?

The Maniam Report

According to Berita Harian, some changes will be made to the Selangor squad for the May transfer window.

Whatever kind of changes made though will depend on what Selangor head coach, P. Maniam wrote in his report that will be given to the Football Association of Selangor (FAS) management.

“The matter involving players’ transfers will be discussed with the management. But I have a set of players ready and I need to cooperate with them to get the intended results,” said Maniam.

“What is important for me is the commitment between players. During the one-month rest period, I will work hard preparing the team to a greater level compared to now,”

“With the commitment from all players and coaching staff, I’m optimistic we can achieve a better playing level after this,”

Assessing The Current Squad

Selangor for the most part have been Ok throughout this season despite the troubles going on pre-season. That was so bad that the target for Selangor is to avoid relegation and expectations were low.

Selangor now sits at fifth place with 12 points. But their performances are still a bit inconsistent, especially in the midfield. Midfielders Abdul Halim Zainal, Saiful Ridzuwan and Juliano Mineiro can provide a good performance, but in some days they’re not great when attacking, although Mineiro did play as a striker following Francis Forkey Doe’s injury. The Red Giants perhaps need more physicality in that midfield to compliment the wingbacks of Syahmi Safari and Raimi Md Nor when going forward.

As for the wingers, Victor Astafei has also been inconsistent where in some games he has been excellent, but in some games made fans miss Andik Vermansyah down on that right-wing. S. Veenod lately hit a patchy run of form after poor performances in the last two Super League matches against Kedah and Perak, especially his decision making.

However, the goalkeeping, defending, wing-back and the centre-forward positions have been great for Selangor, but the last position may be taken a look at depending on how long Forkey Doe is out. Strangely though, Afiq Azmi has not started with Nurshamil Abd Ghani seen as the alternative choice on the bench. Nurshamil also started ahead of Afiq for his first start against Perak last weekend.

So maybe there will be changes if you look at the performances lately in each position. If you look at it this way, Selangor is indeed preparing for the future. But whether those changes are good or bad remains to be seen.

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