10 face-palming comments I’ve had to deal with as a female sports writer

Why does it always seem almost blasphemous for a girl to say she likes sports? She’s either faking it, or she must be a tomboy.

Sports is universal, and a girl can like bowling, tennis, badminton, hockey, volleyball,or even football if she feels like it. We never go up to a guy and say, “How can you like cooking? Are you sure you REALLY like cooking? Is it because of the hot girls on tv who like to cook?”

It is especially difficult when a guy learns that you like football – of all the sports in the world.

“Wait, let me guess”, he says. “Your favourite player must be Cristiano Ronaldo? Right??”

*rolls eyes*

Of course, for some girls, it’s just a bunch of guys in shorts kicking a ball all over the field for about 4 hours. Then someone wins.

But for some girls, it’s an intense 90-minute game where we’re not happy with the starting XI, but still eagerly hoping our team will somehow win because we desperately need those three points to stay on top of the table!

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We also yell on top of our lungs when someone’s misses an open goal, and tears well up in our eyes when the opposing team scores at the 93rd minute to equalise, or worse, win. Sometimes we get into fights with our boyfriend because we really don’t get Manchester United fans. Sometimes we stay up till 6 am to catch the champions league finals.

Even though our passion often gets downplayed, I’m here to tell you that we will not budge. Female sports fans and writers are multiplying all around the world, fighting an uphill battle to get equal recognition as their male counterparts. We may get laughed at, made fun of, and that is all the more reason why we won’t give up.

The most insulting comment I got was “What do you know? Go to the kitchen.” Actually never thought I would ever get that but I did. – Aysha Ridzuan, Social Media Manager at FourFourTwo 

Here are some of the face-palming, eye-rolling responses I have personally gotten when I told people I’m a sports writer:

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA… wait you were not joking? 

I don’t know, did I say “BAZINGA”? If not, then, no, I was not joking. And I didn’t laugh at you when you told me what you did for a living.

2. How can they just force you to transfer to the sports department? 

Prior to this, I was a beauty and lifestyle writer, so people start feeling sorry for me when I tell them I have moved to the sports department. For the record, no one forced anything on me, it was done with consent and a big smile on my face.

3. You like Real Madrid because of Cristiano Ronaldo right?

Actually I like Cristiano Ronaldo because of Real Madrid. I mean, how can you hate a guy who averages 0.96 goals per game and has scored over 30 hat-tricks for your club?

4. There’s no way women can understand sports like men do. 

Huh… Then you should tell Gordon Ramsay that there’s no way he knows more about cooking than women do.

Photo: Some ECards

5. You do realise this a man’s job right? 

I. CAN’T. EVEN. Please drop dead. Not even remotely funny.

6. You know a lot about sports for a girl! 

Yeah, and you know a lot of football for a guy. Your point is?

7.You don’t look like someone who watches sports.

You mean the pixie haircut didn’t give it away?? Damn I’ve got to try harder.

8. Wow, your boss hired a girl to be a sports writer? 

And that only goes to show that my boss isn’t shallow and doesn’t subscribe to gender roles like you do.

9. Do you think that people will take you seriously? 

I think I should let my work reflect by credibility, not my gender.

10. Do you even know the size of a football field? 

Do you even know the size of my fist?
Happy International Women’s day everyone, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do with your life!

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