VIDEO: How badminton stars train to be the best – featuring LCW, Lin Dan

Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan – these are names that are more than capable of sending goosebumps to badminton fans all over the globe. They’ve served us with exceptional moments on the court, over the last decade or so, and the rivalry they’ve striked up is undoubtedly regarded as a romantic one as well.

While they make it look effortless on the court, there’s so much of work going on in the background. Talent is definitely involved, but blood, sweat and tears are evidently part of the mix as well. That said, in order to maximize your potential, you’ve got to also identify unique training methods to bring out the best in you.

Hence, we’ve attached a brilliant video that uncovers how the likes of Chong Wei and Lin Dan use self-discipline in their relentless pursuit of perfection!

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