“Mineiro’s goal should be disallowed!” – KFA’s Aminuddin Omar

What happened at Selayang can’t stay in Selayang

The crowd went wild at Selayang last Wednesday as Juliano Mineiro netted a last minute equaliser against Perak to bring to score to 1-1.

After successfully converting a free kick to a goal at the 81st minute, Perak remained ahead for the rest of the game, and it looked like they were going to bring 3 points home.

A late penalty awarded to Selangor changed it all. Victor Astafei’s right-footed attempt was denied by Kedah’s keeper, Ifwat Akmal, who dove in the right direction to smack the ball away.

However, the ball went straight to Juliano Mineiro, who struck home at the 90th minute, and Tan Cheng Hoe’s side had to settle for a draw.

We were robbed of 3 points! – KFA’s Aminuddin Omar

Fans of the Red Eagles have taken to social media to slam the referee, and Kedah FA’s Honorary Secretary Aminuddin Omar is no exception. In fact, Aminuddin Omar has even hinted that Kedah will submit an appeal to disallow Mineiro’s 90th minute goal against Kedah.

“The referee ruined our spirit. We were supposed to leave with three points.” said a very upset Aminuddin. “We put everything into the game during the whole 90 minutes, but we were robbed of the three points at the very last minute.”

“Mineiro ran towards the penalty box even before Astafei got the ball for his penalty kick. That goal shouldn’t even count. It should have been disallowed immediately!”

Aminuddin also added that KFA is currently reviewing the match video and assembling enough evidence to bring to FAM.

…And justice for all 

“We are so upset and we want justice. Justice for both the team and for the fans. The referee should have been more alert during the incident. If we had won the game, we’d be on top on the table by now.” he added.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Should Mineiro’s goal be disallowed?

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