“I’m staying on as FAP President despite death threats” – Zairil Khir Johari

Zairil vs Penang fans – still a better love story than Twilight 

It is an inevitable and perpetual battle between Football Association of Penang (FAP)’s president Zairil Khir Johari and Penang football fans.

The fans continue to protest the Bukit Bendera MP’s position as FAP president, while Zairil continues to persevere and appeal to the fans to give him another chance.

Even after six consecutive defeats and perched right at the bottom of the table, Zairil is certain that Penang can turn things around if given more time. The fans, however, are running out of patience.

Penang will be taking on Melaka tonight in their seventh Malaysia Super League (MSL) fixture at the Stadium Batu Kawan.

We have received death threats from fans – Zairil 

However, the Bukit Bendera MP is not one to be shaken by threats…

“I am going to stay on as the president of FAP, even though I have been blackmailed and received multiple threats from Penang fans.” Zairil said. “And it isn’t just me, the coach and players have been victims of threats as well. We have also received death threats.”

Zairil also noted that he has made two police reports regarding the threats he has received.

“All we need is time” 

According to Berita Harian, Zairil has requested Penang fans to give him and the team some space and time to work things out.

“I hope the fans will understand that all we need is time and space. I’m sure we can turn things around in FAP and we can change the way things are on the pitch.” he added.

“We’re listening to the fans. We’re taking in all the feedback and comments from Penang fans, both positive and negative ones. But any comment that appears to be a threat will be reported to the police.”

Photo: Sky Sports

Westwood’s KPI is qualifying for the 2017 Malaysia Cup 

On a statement released on his official Facebook page, the FAP president also assured fans that he is closely monitoring and assessing Penang’s head coach Ashley Westwood’s methods in handling the team.

According to Zairil, if Westwood fails to get Penang to qualify for the 2017 Malaysia Cup, then stern action will be taken against him. But until then, he urged fans to remain calm.

Zairil has been the subject of contempt even since he took over as FAP president in January. Apart from verbal abuse and threats, Penang fans also threw a Molotov cocktail at his residence in Penang, endangering his family members.

Will Penang secure their first #MSL2017 win tonight? What do you think?

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