“Don’t forget to become a PFAM member!” – Hairuddin on possibility of TMJ playing for JDT

The Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) believes it’ll be exciting to see Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim donning the JDT jersey, should they go ahead with the plans of registering him as a player when the next transfer window opens

Wait, TMJ will be a JDT player?

It would seem so. JDT have posted on their social media they are preparing the owner to play for the team and register him during the transfer window as one of the three big changes they want to make.

If it goes through, TMJ will be the first ever club owner to be registered as a player in the Malaysia Super League.

PFAM’s Response 

According to PFAM President, Hairuddin Omar feels TMJ is proving he doesn’t just want to be an owner only but also proving he has a winning mentality by becoming a player.

“TMJ is showing whoever wants to be an owner, president or chairman of a club and their team must also know about football,” Hairuddin told Harian Metro.

“Maybe there are symbols that TMJ wants to deliver, but I assume JDT’s decision to name him as a player this May will make the supporters look forward to his appearance,”

“What is important is TMJ doesn’t forget to register his name as a PFAM member after this,” Hairuddin jokingly said.

Hairuddin felt that after hearing about the announcement, the M-League will intensify and sees this as a smart marketing strategy.


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