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Exclusive: “Annuar Musa made it impossible for me to focus on football” – Jonny McKain

Former Kelantan star Jonathan McKain has slammed his former employers for their lacksadaisical attitude in fulfilling contractual obligations.

The Australian defender is owed several months of salary by the East Coast outfit and what frustrates him the most is their ability to get away with it consistently shifting the blame away from themselves.

“My two-year stint with the club was riddled with late salary payments. I can understand that it may be late from time to time, even if it shouldn’t. But to not be paid at all for the last few months of my contract, I can’t accept that. We signed a contract together and I’ve honoured my side,” he told FourthOfficial.com

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“I’ve contacted with the club treasurer numerous times. He replies by claiming the club is struggling financially or that they are awaiting money from sponsors. How much longer do I have to wait?”

This comes after the Red Warriors claimed they had settled all outstanding salary debts earlier this week but McKain’s was quick to dispute the claim on Twitter. Since then, his tweet has been retweeted more than 745 times, and has received widespread media attention in Malaysia.

While he continues to be frustrated at the fact that blatant lies are spewed by various club officials to cover up KAFA’s own shortcomings, the 34 year-old thinks one man deserves more responsibility over the fracas – Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

“It’s frustrating for me to read statements from club officials who claim that they’ve paid all outstanding debts, which is clearly not true. They owe quite a number of other people as well, but I can only comment on my situation.

“But as the President, Tan Sri Annuar Musa’s responsibility was to ensure debts are paid and the club is run professionally. That never happened, but the worst part is that he always had the luxury of having no one to answer to. This is a huge problem as when there’s no accountability, the problem repeats over and over again. Nothing changes.

“When he was the president, it was a very difficult time for us. He made it difficult for us to focus on playing football. Under his watch, I was often paid late or never paid for a job I’ve done and despite my best efforts to be reasonable, professional and understanding. What more can I possibly do?” he added.

KAFA’s apathetic approach has forced McKain to bring the case to FIFA. The former Socceroo is hopeful of eventually finding a solution to his problem but remains concerned for Kelantan fans and the future that awaits them, should circumstances not change in the near future.

“KAFA know about my case at FIFA. Hopefully this matter can be resolved without wasting anyone else’s time and money. All I want is everything with both agreed to in the contract. Is that too much to ask for?

“This club has the potential to be great, but not with the current management. The fans are easily some of the most passionate ones I’ve ever played for. It was an absolute honour to have played for them. This is their club, this is their town. A football club is nothing without its’ supporters, so only they can initiate change. As for me, I’ll always be watching and supporting them from afar. Gomo Kelate Gomo,” he concluded.

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