#MSL2017: Pahang 6-1 Penang: Key Moments, Man of the Match


1′ minute – Early free kick for Penang on the right side of the pitch. Headed off by Pahang’s defender Faisal.

16′ minute – GOAL!!!! After a delicious cross from Alves, Sumareh finds space between two Penang defenders to find the back of the net

24′ minute – GOAL!! Zaharulnizam deceived Zulkhairi with a slow and steady dribble and what looked like an unsure attempt to score but his ball goes through! We all really thought he was going for a cross, but that was just him playing mind games with the Penang defenders and goalkeeper

31′ minute- GOAL FOR PENANG!!! Diogo’s free kick finds Andy Russell, who heads the ball across to Nigel, who leaps to head the ball home to secure Penang’s first MSL goal this season!

36′ minute-  Matheaus Alves’ shot goes wide. Ashari Shamsudin was waiting for a cross in the middle but Alves decided to try his luck own his own

40′ minute-  Zaharulnizam’s makes an attempt for his second goal of the night but his ball goes straight to the keeper

42′ minute- Ashari’s attempt to find Pahang’s third goal was short-lived as his ball goes above the post.


55′ minute- Alves with a powerful attempt but his shot goes straight to Sani.

62′ minute – Sneaky cut-back from Zaharulnizam and the ball lands with Syamim but his attempt goes straight to Sani

63′ minute – Sumareh finds Ashari but his shot goes just wide!

66′ minute – THIRD GOAL FOR PAHANG! This goal wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Sumareh’s persistence. Sumareh was brought down by Penang defenders while trying to make a cross, but he got up and completed his cross for Joseph Kalang Tie whose low but powerful attempt found the back of the net

73′ minute – FOURTH GOAL FOR PAHANG. Matt Davies’ free kick adeptly headed home by an unmarked Alves!

75′ minute-  Faiz Subri’s effort caught by the keeper. Don’t even know why they just only brought him on, his attempts are beautiful to watch and his presence is immediately felt!

76′ minute – Sumareh struggles to find Alves, and when he does, Alves goes wide.

80′ minute – Attempt by Salomon Raj for Pahang from outside the box. 10 minutes left on the clock and Penang will suffer their fifth defeat this season if they don’t buck up

84′ minute – GOALLL FOR PAHANG! Sumareh again with a delicious pass to Ashari who finds the back of the net. Fifth goal for Pahang!

86′ minute –  SIXTH GOAL FOR PAHANG and it happened in less than 2 minutes. It’s Ashari again, assisted by none other than Sumareh!

91′ minute – Free kick for Penang but it doesn’t go beyond Pahang’s wall. Time is running out for Penang and it’s been a goal galore tonight for Dollah Salleh’s boys.


Man of the Match: Mohamadou Sumareh

It’s a tough call between Ashari, Zaharulnizam and Matheaus Alves, but this one goes to Mohamadou Sumareh. A relentless, hardworking player who was constantly causing mayhem to Penang’s defence line. His crosses are consistent and precise, and he created so many chances and contributed to some vital goals tonight. The highlight of his performance is his opening goal for Pahang at the 16th minute, and our favourite moment is his ferocious assist for Joseph Kalang Tie at the 66th minute.

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